A Beautiful Sight: Oslo Harbor at Night

December 12, 2022

A Beautiful Sight: Oslo Harbor at Night


I was in Oslo (and several other Norway cites) in late October.

All of the locations were enchanting and beautiful in their own ways. It one of those “different day / different city” trips, and in a couple of places, there wasn’t time to get outside and take in the countryside / urbanscape at all before packing up and going on to the next one.

That’s OK, I’ll be back.

There was a 6-hour cross-country train trip and I have loads of pictures from that trek – all taken through the window glass, of course. We worked on a presentation on the train but kept interrupting ourselves when we’d look up and see magnificence. We also saw the Northern Lights on the way to the airport on day, in the wee hours. No pics, as it was fleeting.

But in Oslo, there was a magic night toward the end of the trip when a local colleague took us out to dinner, and she wanted to show us around the harbor area before the 7 of us squeezed into a tiny booth in a very busy restaurant. A skilled tour guide, she took us briskly through the the harborside, pointing out landmarks and describing what it would be like in the summer, and I snapped a few pics, all of which I like (even the blurry ones, I’m pretending it’s artistic). It felt great to get out and walk after days of planes, trains and automobiles – literally – and we really enjoyed the crisp autumn evening.

Take a walk with us…

There’s something about the reflected light in Oslo at night.

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