A Perfect Day in Miami: Coffee, Parks, Art Deco, a Diner and Video Game Music

November 18, 2022

A Perfect Day in Miami: Coffee, Parks, Art Deco, a Diner and Video Game Music


Hello friends!

I told you about my recent trip to Miami and the wonderful Disney-themed concert in this post.

But the trip was 48 hours of fun, and that was just the beginning.

The concert on Friday night was lovely, as noted in the blog post above, and there were even fireworks.

It was homecoming, which might have included a football game… not sure about that, as it’s not our jam.

As compared to the high-energy big-event Friday, Saturday was a loose, R&R + bonding day for the Musical Millennial and me. (That’s the blog moniker for my son.)

There was Panther Coffee in Wynwood, after a very slow start in the morning.

Image from Panther Coffee

The art inside the coffee house was so retro and clever! Check out this TV with Bob Ross.

We went to a tiny park along the water, Alice Wainright Park. (There are so many parks in Miami!)

We went to the vegetarian Love Life Cafe for lunch, which was recommended by the lovely Maria, the singer from the concert the previous night. If you read that post, you’ll remember Maria. She sang Remember Me from Coco.

We meandered over to Miami Beach and went to another pocket park.

We sat on a bench there and had a really in-depth discussion, and while Thomas was expounding on a super-interesting idea, I saw a swordfish jump in an arc. Wow! (No pictures, my reflexes weren’t up to the challenge.)

Miami Beach is an art deco haven, with seemingly every street corner spouting incredible architecture and history. So of course we had to duck into the Art Deco Museum to learn about what we were seeing.

Photo courtesy of the Art Deco Museum

It is a great little museum that transports you to the golden age of art deco in Miami. I wish we had taken more pics; there’s only this one of me cutting up with a cut-out.

After the museum, we took a beverage break at the Victor Hotel. Built in 1937 in the art deco heyday, this property is ALL THAT and MORE. I really want to stay there on a future trip.

Now it was time to get ready for the evening’s entertainment, so we traipsed back to my hotel where Thomas dropped my off to “freshen up” and he went to his apartment to pick up one of his roommates.

I got ready quickly and had a nice half hour in the courtyard, reading a book. I enjoyed the peace and the view.

On the road again with Thomas’ roommate in tow, we headed toward the restaurant called Sazon Cuban Cuisine. It was a first for all three of us, and was an instant winner.

OMG, the food! Big portions! Cuban comfort food!

Best empanadas ever!

After a stellar meal, we walked across the street to the event venue called the Miami Beach Bandshell, another historic location.

The concert that night was the 8-Bit Big Band, which plays only video game music. Thomas’s roommate had gotten tickets months in advance, and this was a big deal.

You heard me right, it was a big band that exclusively plays music from video games.

Say what????

Sounds weird!


… it was …

… wonderful.

The band was world-class, and included many members of the U Miami Jazz Studio who augmented the small touring band.

The music was lively and engaging.

It was fab.

Check out their web site here.

And here are a couple of clips.

It was a perfect day.

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