A Little Music for a Saturday Evening

October 15, 2016

A Little Music for a Saturday Evening


A few months ago, I shared A Little Music for a Sunday Evening with you, a recording that the last remaining millennial at Glover Gardens had used for music college auditions.  It helped him to get into the University of Texas at Austin’s Butler School of Music with a scholarship (woohoo!!!).  And now he has done a big band arrangement of the same tune as part of a college assignment.

A view of the Rockies from Jefferson

For your Saturday evening listening pleasure, here is the University of Texas Jazz Ensemble performing Jefferson, an original  composed by my son (the keyboard player).  He named Jefferson after a hamlet in Colorado, where we have a small cabin that we call Little House in the Rockies.  The nature and views are truly inspirational.  Click the arrow on the picture below to view the recording.

You’ll definitely see a lot more of these kinds of posts as we begin to spend time in the Texas capital and enjoy the vibrant and diverse arts and music scene.

And if you’re really into music, you might want to revisit the earlier post and view the original recording of Jefferson, which is a completely different arrangement of the same tune with a really different vibe:  A Little Music for a Sunday Evening .  I think you can already see the impact of the studio arranging course.

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