And Boom! Just like that, GK#1 is 6 months old!

October 8, 2021

And Boom! Just like that, GK#1 is 6 months old!


Glover Gardens was bestowed the gift of a grandchild earlier this year. We’re calling him GK#1 here in the blog, perhaps to be followed by GK#2, GK#3, etc.

It is so wonderful to watch this precious little one grow into his personality, and to watch his Mom and Dad, AKA here as The Girl Who is Always Hungry and The Best Eater, grow as parents. The love a parent has for a child is special – of course, I already knew that via my spawning of The Musical Millennial and the blessing of being a ‘bonus mom’ to The Best Eater – but it is something else to see it from one degree of separation. And something else altogether to be a grandparent.

You haven’t heard much about GK#1 here, with the exception of our baby shower post back in the spring.

I wanted to take some “soak time” to figure out what this new journey would be like before spilling my feelings onto these pages. It also seemed rather private. This is hard to explain, given the things that have been shared here, but you might understand… sometimes it takes a while to figure out how and when to share, and what. And this is brand-new uncharted territory.

6 Months is the Right Time

So I decided to introduce him to you, the Glover Gardens group, around the 6-month anniversary of his birth, a time when his unique personality is starting to show. In case you don’t have time to read further, here are a couple of pics from just last weekend, from the Taco Toy Series. (Feel free to say, “Awwwwww!”)

That colorful blanket is ~23 years old, having been dug out from the antique cedar chest that was my late Mom’s, where it has been slumbering all this time, waiting for another baby to love it, roll over on it, slobber on it. It was my son’s, and it’s so rewarding to see it back in action.

Back to the Beginning

We learned about the coming of a grandchild on a 2020 Labor Day trip with the “kids”, as we opened little gift bags that had Grandma and Grandpa mugs in them.

“Ayee!”, said we, as we figured out just what that meant. There were tears and shouts and rejoicing.

And then the anticipation started. It grew and grew and grew ’til we could hardly wait. Did we want a girl or a boy? Who cares!? Just a healthy little one we could love.

We read up on how to be good grandparents: non-invasive, supportive, keeping our advice to ourselves unless asked for it, following the parents’ rules, etc. We can do this!

We thought of a million things we wanted to do with GK#1, and found out a few months before the delivery date that we were expecting a boy.

A Little Earlier than Planned

We were off on a trip to Little House in the Rockies a couple of weeks before GK#1’s due date, and got the call that he was breeched and might have to be delivered early.

It was so scary to be so distant from this momentous happening, especially with spotty cell service. We got updates over the course of the next couple of days as the doctor appointments happened, and sure enough, it was time for GK#1 to join the world, two weeks ahead of schedule, delivered by C-section.

We nervously watched our phones for several hours, and then the news came: healthy baby, healthy Mama, Dad is proud, all is well.

There were tears and shouts and rejoicing. The Grill-Meister was beaming, just seconds after the news came, and I snapped this pic.

I couldn’t contain myself and went outside to shout “hallelujah,” and heard the echo come off the mountain. It was very satisfying.

The First Look

We got to meet GK#1 when he was just 9 days old, a tiny little human who already had a mind of his own.

GK#1 with his beautiful Mama

I don’t remember my son being so small. I was almost afraid to hold this fragile little creature, but it all comes back to you, like riding a bike.

My grandparent name is “Birdie” (in case you were wondering)

The Grill-Meister proved himself to be a baby hog, as he had confessed prior to the birth. He goes by Papa Tom in his grandparent role.

We took the first of many 3 Generations of Glover Boys pictures.

There are so many pics and so many good times already that I’ve got to cut this short or it would be 30-minute read (like yesterday’s sad post). But no worries, there will be more about GK#1 in these pages as he makes his journey through childhood.

Take a gander at his milestones pics from Month 1 until now.

As you can probably see, we are beyond proud and beyond happy that GK#1 has joined our lives.

And as I said before, all grandparenting advice is welcome!

© 2021, Glover Gardens

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