Bring Me Some Heat, Wok!

October 24, 2020

Bring Me Some Heat, Wok!

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We’ve got a few fall harvest cayenne peppers and a hankering for a stir-fry, so we’re going to be wokking it here at Glover Gardens tonight. I have a nice Calphalon wok that’s only been used a few times in 20 years, and that’s a darn shame.

We had a dinner confab during coffee this morning at GloverHenge (that’s what we call the outdoor seating at the far end of the yard; please think of it as cheeky rather than pretentious). I like to think about weekend meals on Saturday mornings ahead of the weekly grocery store trek (my only big outing these days), and to get input from The Grill-Meister on his dining desires.

Kung Pao…something…is what we came up with for tonight, and I found this recipe on Epicurious (pictured below). Doesn’t it look great? It uses dried peppers instead of fresh, so we’ll have both. 😁 It can’t really be too spicy for the table at Glover Gardens.

Photo from Epicurious; the recipe is from Diana Kuan’s The Chinese Takeout Cookbook

But of course we want to give it a Glover Gardens flair with extra veggies and probably some more heat, and of course we’ll let you know how it turns out – whether it’s fab or funky.

Our little cayennes proved quite the inspiration. They’re like little miracles, springing from a pepper plant that didn’t die over the last winter because we never really had a freeze. It looks fragile, but keeps on bearing a pepper or two per week. Maybe that’s a metaphor for dealing with 2020…

The cayenne plan (on the right) is really thin and spindly, but plucky, too
Bright red cayenne peppers
Not just tasty, but gorgeous!

So what’s for dinner at your house tonight?

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