Cookie Hustle 254 to the Rescue

July 24, 2019

Cookie Hustle 254 to the Rescue

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A Perishable Surprise in the Mail for the One-Legged Gal

I’m currently on Day 11 of the 42 days I have to be completely off of one foot, due to the most recent surgery. (I’ll be fine, don’t worry, just no more high heels, ever. Which is a “first world problem,” if ever there was one.) On Day 5, I had a wonderful surprise in the mail from The Girl Who is Always Hungry, AKA my bonus daughter (daughter-in-law).

From Cookie Hustle 254: “Feel a Latte Better!”

This was such a touching and thoughtful get-well gift. Custom, handmade, individually double-wrapped sugar cookies in two styles, a cheery, bright summery ice cream cone, and the cheeky “Feel a latte better” coffee cup. She’s got talent! And she has just started a new cookie business in Waco, TX, called Cookie Hustle 254.

Check out Cookie Hustle 254 on Facebook

Not Our First Cookie Hustle Rodeo

Of course, we already knew she had talent – you remember the Christmas cookies, right? The Girl Who is Always Hungry brought us 5.5 lbs. of homemade Christmas cookie goodness. Not a crumb was left.

The Cookies Were Divine

Back to my Get Well cookies. They were not only works of art, they were GOOD: moist, rich and more flavorful than regular sugar cookies. And even after their time with the US Post Office, they were solid; only one tiny blue sprinkle was out of place.

Entertaining Videos on Cookie Hustle 254

There’s so much more cookie entertainment on the Cookie Hustle 254 Facebook page, like this little video.

Photo Shoot Outtakes with Cat and Orchid

I tried to take great pictures of these amazing cookies, but I have so much to learn about food styling and food photography. Here are a couple of outtakes, just for fun.

More to come as The Girl Who is Always Hungry continues to make cookie magic. And just for fun, here are pics of a few more of her cookie triumphs (all photos by Megan Glover on Cookie Hustle 254).

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  • These look amazing! Probably a bit too far to send to England haha, I’m glad you received some to keep you content through your recovery though!

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