Seafood to Celebrate 88 Revolutions Around the Sun

July 21, 2019

Seafood to Celebrate 88 Revolutions Around the Sun


My mother in law LOVES seafood. And for every celebratory occasion, she’s happy just to go to a seafood restaurant.

The mystery of the dry ice made our server seem like a seafood sorcerer

Really, we ALL love seafood, so we welcomed the opportunity to have a big appetizer for Riki’s 88th revolution around the sun.

That’s Riki, to the right, admiring the seafood bounty
A closeup of the glorious options
Oysters and crab claws and shrimp and crab salad, oh my!!!!!!

It’s easy to make Riki happy here in Southeast Texas, because local seafood is a THING. But she also likes to order dishes that remind her of Seattle, where she lived for years after emigrating from Germany in the late 50s.

King crab for an 88th birthday

And of course we had cake.

Thank you to Truluck’s in The Woodlands, TX, for a lovely meal. It made our German transplanted / American citizen / late octogenarian very happy.

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