Cooking Up a Storm After Harvey

September 2, 2017

Cooking Up a Storm After Harvey


People are rescued from flood waters from Hurricane Harvey on an air boat in Dickinson
AOL image of Cajun Navy volunteers rescuing people and pets in Dickinson

There have been lots of news stories about people pitching in and pulling together to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. One of my colleagues with a flat-bottomed boat rescued more than 50 people and 13 dogs in Northwest Houston. Volunteers have poured into Southeast Texas from all around to help with the rescues and begin the cleanup. Folks who were unaffected are helping out those who were in any way they can – with donations, with muscle, with prayers and moral support, with organizational skills to help run shelters or aid distribution centers, with spare bedrooms for the displaced.

At Glover Gardens, we’re firing up the kitchen to cook and freeze meals for a couple of families who are too busy to cook while they’ve begun the demolition and cleanup phase. They’ll be doubling up in one unaffected house while working together on the flooded one. Our contribution is tiny compared to the heroism so many have shown, but it feels good to help. Deal with a storm by cooking up a storm.

There’s a strong emotional pull to make comfort food, so today’s goal is to make these dishes from the Glover Gardens Cookbook:

And if there’s time, perhaps even “Mema Rolls,” the best yeast rolls ever, a tried and true recipe from my paternal grandmother (you’ll learn a little bit about her if you check out the Sweet Potato Biscuits story and recipe). There are already two frozen main courses, my No Name Soup (AKA “everything but the kitchen sink and I never make it the same way twice”) and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (haven’t documented this family favorite yet).

The sweet potatoes have been baked and are ready to peel for the biscuits, and the poblanos have been roasted for the chili and the corn pudding

Gotta go – cooking up a storm today!

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9 thoughts on “Cooking Up a Storm After Harvey”

  • Meanwhile, we have four visiting dogs. They bark with a Texan accent. Yep, we are fostering them. They have tags so eventually we’ll get them back to their people. But, for now our dogs seem happy to have visitors.

      • Thank you. We have six dogs — two are medium poodles, four are cocker spaniels. All but two are rescue dogs. We live with them. So, when the shelters from which they came, need help, they usually contact us. We help even when we are traveling. Now there are ten dogs roaming around… funny thing, the dogs who live here are really good hosts to their new friends.

  • I want all of these, especially the corn pudding. As a Texan (now living in Oklahoma) I too have been comfort food cooking. So heartbreaking everything going on in the coastal region!

  • I can believe the damage done by the storm, it is so sad. I love that you are cooking meals for people! That is such a kind gesture and so helpful for them! Loving your blog btw 🙂

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