Empty Nester’s Halloween: Scotch and Cookies

October 30, 2016

Empty Nester’s Halloween: Scotch and Cookies


Trick-Or-Treat-Halloween-Silhouette.pngWe haven’t had trick or treaters here at Glover Gardens for years; our neighborhood doesn’t have many families with small children, and its wooded, winding, narrow streets are not conducive to packs of Halloween revelers.  Our own little trick or treaters are now out in the big world; one works at SpaceX and the last one is a freshman in college.  We still buy candy, though, hopeful each Halloween that we’ll see some cute little witches and warlocks – only to end up eating it ourselves in the first few days of November.

This year, I’m rolling the dice and foregoing the purchase of supermarket candy.  Five years in a row with no trick or treaters seems like a pattern, don’t you think?  But we won’t be totally bereft of Halloween celebrations, because our friend Amy has gifted us with decorated sugar cookies.  Amy, a very wise lady, says, “Cookies are love,” and we agree!  We’re going to enjoy this Halloween love on a plate with a couple of wee drams of single-malt Scotch and dream of the day when we have trick or treaters again.

Halloween: the Empty Nester Version.

We’re all set for the Empty-Nester Halloween nightcap
Amy’s photo of her cookies: aren’t they festive?

Amy uses the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and says that it is better than scratch.  They taste like homemade-all-the-way.  Her icing is powdered sugar and milk.

Happy Halloween!

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