Empty Stockings Full of Love

December 21, 2019

Empty Stockings Full of Love


I’m very blessed in many ways.

One of the small blessings that feels big during the Christmas season is that I’ve inherited my parents’ Christmas decorations.

Each year, memories fly out of these treasures like dust motes in the light and gently come to rest on me.

These stockings are probably my favorite of the collection. My Mom made them over 50 years ago, somehow finding the time despite working the night shift as a registered nurse, caring for my brother and me during the day and being a terrific wife to my Dad. She had boundless energy.

I’m the only one of my family that’s left, but the stockings hang proudly in my studio every Christmas season and bring me joy.

The stockings remind me of the excitement of long-ago Christmas mornings, when my brother and I would empty them of their bounty: apples, oranges, nuts, fancy pencils and sharpeners, a little chocolate. Stockings always came before the big Santa Claus gift reveal, along with breakfast. It’s funny, I remember those humble stocking contents and breakfast traditions far more than any Santa gift. It’s the little things.

Our Christmas breakfast always included Sweet Potato Biscuits, which you’ve encountered here before, Dear Reader.

We’ve added Scotch Eggs to the mix for Christmas breakfast at Glover Gardens.

Sweet Potato Biscuits and Scotch Eggs make a great Christmas breakfast – will these be some of the memories that our sons cherish years from now?

Traditions and treasures create a quilt of memories, bringing a unique and lasting emotional warmth that balances the loss of my loved ones. Thank you for letting me share them with you. What are your traditions and treasures?

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