Excited about Star Anise and Pho

January 27, 2018

Excited about Star Anise and Pho


I bought some star anise today to use in a recipe from Food & Wine magazine for Beef Pho. I’ve never used it before and am taken by the shape and oh, the smell!  Its fragrant perfume is redolent of licorice and promise. I can’t wait to make the Master Pho Broth, which cooks down for more than 6 hours.  The Glover Gardens kitchen will be truly aromatic tomorrow.

Photo of the finished pho in Food & Wine magazine by Eric Wolfinger

The star anise was so pretty that I had to get a portrait of it. And did I mention the smell? Heavenly. It’s time that star anise and I get better acquainted. (Watch this space.)

Star anise looks like an ornament on our table – so pretty

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