Graduation Day 2020

May 23, 2020

Graduation Day 2020


Our Musical Millennial graduates from the University of Texas today, in a virtual ceremony. The degree is Bachelor of Music, Jazz Composition.


Thomas Wenglinski at a grand piano

Anyone who has ever been proud of their kid knows how I feel, that telltale lump in the throat and feeling that your heart might burst into a thousand pieces of joy-light that shoot out into the universe as sparkles of optimism for the future, theirs and the world’s.

Rejoicing and proud, that’s us today, the whole global village of his friends and family. Thanks for listening. There’ll be more as he settles into the master’s program at the University of Miami and his work as a Fellow at the Henry Mancini Institute.

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2 thoughts on “Graduation Day 2020”

  • Congratulations, a great news in a crazy time. We all need that now some sense for Jazz to improvise our lives back on new tracks.
    Greetings to your Bachelor of Music even if he doesn’t know me.

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