Saying Bye-Bye to Austin with a Live-Streamed Friday Night Concert

July 23, 2020

Saying Bye-Bye to Austin with a Live-Streamed Friday Night Concert

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Hello friends! You’ve heard me talk about the Musical Millennial here for at least 5 years, and especially through the 4 years of his undergrad in Jazz at the University of TX, which was just finished in May. Now he’s head to Miami for grad school, which will involve dragging a U-Haul cross-country. I’m up to that challenge! Before he goes, though, he has one last gig in Austin: a live-streamed, socially-distanced front-yard gig at the home of some famous local Austin musicians. Wanna join?

You can download the event to your calendar by clicking below.

You can click here to go directly to the Facebook event.

You can click the picture below and then navigate to the event in Facebook by clicking the event link.

So – you know “where” I’ll be! Sitting here at Glover Gardens, enjoying some kind of antipasto or charcuterie (because that’s what one does on Friday night), watching and listening on the live stream. Perhaps a little melancholy that I’m not there at the gig, but also a little joyful that a gig is happening. And that my kid – all grown up now! – is about to embark on the next stage of his very cool musical career journey.

Speaking of the next stage, the Musical Millennial has released a new album, Adjustments Made, which I will share with you over the weekend. I’m doing an old-style interview with him on Saturday to learn about the influences and backstory. So – more to come. Thanks for “listening”!

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