Haiku: Drinks at the Oasis

December 12, 2017

Haiku: Drinks at the Oasis


The Musical Millennial and me

It was a perfect late autumn afternoon this Saturday last when my son and I took a drive out to The Oasis in Austin for a libation and a chat. The wind was brisk but the sun warmed our faces, and the view was stunning.

I noticed that our drinks looked beautiful in silhouette against the backdrop of the lake and distant shore and took out my camera to snap some pics.

It took a few moments to get the angle right and include the shadows, and there was some grumbling about the delay. While waiting to drink his delicious Dr. Pepper, the Musical Millennial threw down this off-the-cuff haiku.

perfect photo op…
impatient millennial:
“ok, time to drink!”


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