Haiku: Stray Cat Strut

August 24, 2018

Haiku: Stray Cat Strut


sometimes you just know
that the other creature knows
you’re from the same tribe

This scruffy little tough guy is a Scottish charmer who knows a cat person when he sees one. An old Aberdonian tomcat who roams the streets of tiny (and also charming) Footdee, he has a whole Facebook group talking about him and worrying over his welfare. He patrols Footdee pretending to be a stray to collect treats and attention, but is very much loved and cared for by his owner-person. Completely ignoring my non-cat-loving colleagues, Scruffy sauntered up to me tonight in Footdee (pronounced “Fittie” by the locals) and circled my legs, doing the “doncha love me” figure 8 cat-dance. Of course he got a chin-scratching, head-stroking, scruff-ruffling petting session. He had me pegged as a cat person from the moment he sniffed me.

We’re from the same tribe, Scruffy and me, and we know it.

I named this photo Stray Cat Strut, even though Scruffy (my name for him) isn’t a stray. He does rock his walk, a strutter indeed.

More on “Fittie” later – it rocks! (It’s a tiny town worthy of Scruffy.)

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