Jasmine, the Calming Smell of Spring

April 14, 2018

Jasmine, the Calming Smell of Spring


Not much has been happening in the Glover Gardens blog, because so much is happening at Glover Gardens. Spring keeps us busy! Not one to shuck a heavy load, Spring is busy, herself. Look at what she’s done with the jasmine. Our whole yard smells heavenly.

You can almost smell it in the picture!
Our gate is covered with flowers from a couple of enthusiastic jasmine bushes far to its right

I did a little research on the smell of jasmine and it turns out that Glover Gardens is an aromatherapy district! The Telegraph, a venerable UK publication, said in a 2010 article,

The sweet smell of jasmine is as good as valium at calming the nerves with none of the side effects, according to new research.

Thank you, Spring!


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5 thoughts on “Jasmine, the Calming Smell of Spring”

  • I don’t know about as “good as valium.” But, Jasmine is a great anti inflammatory. It must be a heavy year. When we returned home, our yard is full of it. Next up, a cousin to Jasmine, Sweet Olive. My favorite NOLA smell.

      • Not yet. Not blooming for another month or two. It smells so good. We bring it home and crush a few blooms and leave them in a a little oil. The house either smells good or reeks of it if there is too much.

    • Thank you so much – I am awestruck every time I pull into the driveway during this marvelous period in spring. I roll down the car windows and drive at about 1 mph, and any work-related stress just goes poof!

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