Kitchen Remodel: Ready to Share the “During” Pictures

April 3, 2022

Kitchen Remodel: Ready to Share the “During” Pictures


A friend complimented me on building the suspense with the kitchen remodel pictures.

I’d love to take credit for a master plan, but it’s really just that I haven’t gotten “the ones” yet.

I’m working on it!

But I realized I haven’t shared the “During” part of the Before / During / After stages of the Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0 project, other than a few when the demolition had just started. And that WAS strategic; I wanted to hold off on any spoilers until the kitchen was ready.

Let’s catch up a little. These are the “empty room” pictures just before demo started. Can you believe how dated it all looks? I can’t understand how I lived with it for as long as I did.

And then it began.

And then, the tear-down period became the build-up phase. That’s when it got really exciting. I had to write the message on the floor below, for posterity. Our contractors were my cousin, Jimmy, and his son, Logan. Jimmy has been doing kitchens for 3 decades, and Logan seems to have absorbed his Dad’s skills by osmosis.

You’ll note that the walls were painted in those last pictures, a flat peach color called “Sociable”. It’s actually the same color we have in the living room, but there’s a glaze on it in that room. We liked the idea of having consistency since the two rooms flow together, but having the kitchen be slightly different. We had to get our painter who did the living room years ago to come out and glaze the wall between the living room and breakfast room / bar so that the living room walls are all the same, and he had a really hard time figuring out the color of the glaze. Note to self: always, always, always make sure you keep a list of the colors, even if it’s just a glaze recommended by your painter.

You can see how different the color looks when you compare glazed to unglazed. But it’s also a trick of the light.

And no, that color is not anywhere near PINK.

That’s all for today, my friends … I’m getting that much closer to sharing final pics.

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