Reflections on a Kitchen Remodel: Why It’s So Hard to Unveil It

April 1, 2022

Reflections on a Kitchen Remodel: Why It’s So Hard to Unveil It


You heard about our kitchen remodel, or, the evolution to Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0, as we were calling it, for months.

You heard about it when we were considering it. You heard about it when we were actively planning it.

You heard about it as we were packing up. We started saying “Goodbye, Pink-Tiled Galley Kitchen,” perhaps a bit maniacally. It was a series; below are a couple of the segments.

You heard about it during the demolition. We said goodbye some more, and added in a tinge of “and good riddance!”

You heard about it while we were eagerly anticipating what it would become.

You heard about it during The Siege, that time when we were displaced from our home’s center of gravity.

You heard about our message in a bottle to the future inhabitants of Glover Gardens, that is tucked into the wall behind the new sink.

You heard about it when it was almost finished, in the third week of January, in a detailed post about why it had taken so long.

And now, Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0 is finished – but you haven’t heard about it. You haven’t seen behind the curtains yet.


First, it took more than a month to get everything unpacked and situated in the new space. We were moving back into the kitchen each evening during the last few weeks of finishing touches, but many, many things had to wait until the final touches were done.

And since the siege is over and we can have guests again, we’ve been busy with family visits. Much as I like sharing in the blog, I like being with my peeps even better. Especially since one of those peeps is a baby!

GK#1 with his parents chillin’ out with us over spring break

The Real Truth

But truly, the biggest barrier to my unveiling of the Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0 is that I’ve violated the mantra: “don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good”.

What I mean is that I’ve been struggling to get the photos right. I want them to be perfect.

Our contractors did such a wonderful job, and I want my pictures to reflect their incredible talent.

I want the lighting to be just right, the Before and After photos to be from the same angle, and nothing to be out of place.

This is proving to be quite a challenge. I’m not a pro at this.

But now that I’ve confessed, I know I’ll get to it, and soon, perfect or not. (And by “or not”, I mean my pictures, not the kitchen – it truly is perfect, in my humble opinion.)

Let the unveiling begin!

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