Mumbo Gumbo: A “Just Because” Gift

January 16, 2020

Mumbo Gumbo: A “Just Because” Gift


I got a “Just Because” gift right before Christmas and was conflicted about whether or not to open it right away. I asked the Glover Gardens group on Facebook, and 57% voted to open it.

So I did – I opened it! (Wouldn’t you??) It was a marvelous little gumbo bowl with a spoon.

White bowl that says Mumbo gumbo

I love it! This gift encompasses two things that delight me: gumbo and playfulness with words. Mumbo gumbo, indeed! That’s roux-ward worthy. 😁

The next thing I did? Fill it with chicken and sausage gumbo. (Wouldn’t you??)

Gumbo in Mumbo gumbo bowl
Gumbo just looks right in this bespoke bowl
Chicken and sausage gumbo with rice garnished with green onions and parsley
This recipe is coming soon!

And folks, I’m happy to report that in making this batch of gumbo, I was finally able to document the recipe in a way that I *think* is shareable, that is, a way that isn’t mumbo jumbo and is repeatable by someone other than me. It’s coming soon!

I love my “Just Because” gift, and this post is the thank you note to its giver, Ms. WordsMaven (as she will be known here). Thank you!!!

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