Oh, Baby! (News, We’ve Got News!)

April 5, 2021

Oh, Baby! (News, We’ve Got News!)


A bundle of joy is coming into our lives, and soon! Glover Gardens Grandkid #1 is due on April 22, and he might even come as early as this week. Woohoo!!! We are over the Goodnight Moon about it! I can’t wait to hold him in my lap and read that classic to him, once again experiencing the delight of a child in the rhymes and simple, gentle tale. And that’s just one tiny delight of the myriad that this highly-anticipated little boy, the first of this generation on both sides of the family, will bring to all of us.

Adding our daughter-in-law to the family in 2017 was a huge blessing; you heard about it here a while back.

Our little blended family at the wedding; photo by Dreamy Elk photography

And now, nearly four years later, the joyful anticipation of having a tiny new life join us—in just days or a couple of weeks at the most—is almost overwhelming.

There was a “drive by” baby shower last month for the expectant parents, known as The Best Eater and The Girl Who is Always Hungry here in the blog, and it was a great way to celebrate safely, outside in their front yard.

A beautiful setup for a drive by baby shower

Hosted by the sisters of the expectant mom, masks were worn and social distancing was observed as guests drove up a different times during a two-hour window. We enjoyed beautiful hand-decorated sugar cookies made by my daughter-in-law’s lovely mom and cupcakes while checking in on the expectant parents.

My son, the Musical Millennial and ‘bonus brother’ of the expectant dad, couldn’t get away from grad school in Miami (it’s a long drive!), but joined via FaceTime to share good wishes and a laugh or two. I love this picture of the three of them connecting. We’ve been very blessed by the easy blending of our families in our almost 13 years of marriage, and the bonds continue to grow and strengthen.

Sharing a laugh over Face Time at the drive by baby shower

Oh baby, are we excited! Please send prayers and good wishes for a speedy and complication-free entrance into the world for Glover Gardens Grandkid #1. You’ll hear lots more about our grandparenting experiences as we take on this welcome new role. All advice is welcome!

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