It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do

July 7, 2021

It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do


I realized that the ‘aboutness’ for Glover Gardens was waaaaaaay out of date. So there’s a new “About Glover Gardens” page. It talks about how everyone has a ‘thing’, and documents the Glover Gardens thing.

It is a ‘how did we get here’ story, which won’t be a big surprise to all of you long-term Glover Gardeners. But it’s a little naked, an About page for a 6-year-old blog with no comments on it. Ayee, it feels like I’m having a party but no one is there! 😁

So, if you feel so inclined, please make a comment.

Here’s the link.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do”

  • Hi Sharon, thank you for your appreciation! Here’s what happened. I moved the original “about” to the Cookbook section of the menu (with its comments), and didn’t replace it with a new one. So there wasn’t really any “aboutness” for people to comment on for the past couple of years, beside the disclaimer page (not commercial, terms of use, etc.). A rookie mistake! Or perhaps I should say, a part-timer’s mistake.

    Here’s the cookbook one: .
    And here’s the new, more general one: (in case you want to comment there 😊)

    Sorry to hear you are in FB jail – they pick on the wrong people!

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