One or Two or More Haiku

September 9, 2015

One or Two or More Haiku

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haikuI love to write haiku! If I can’t sleep, I create haiku. If I have to wait in line, I haiku my way through it. If people annoy me (hardly ever happens), I calm myself with haiku. So of course I have to publish them occasionally, even though this is primarily a cooking/gardening/lifestyle-ish blog.

5-7-5 is my natural rhythm.

Did you know that the plural of haiku is…haiku?  Here’s a haiku hack about that.

Just one: it’s haiku.
But what’s the case if it’s two?
It’s still just haiku.

Two Haiku from the Medicine Cabinet

I Took an Aspirin

Palliative performs
Headache fades ’round the edges
Normalcy returns


I Took a Natural Sleep Aid

Melatonin dreams
Fanciful, horrible, weird
Happy to wake up

More of my odd writings are available via my Words page.

I’d love to hear your haiku, if you’d care to leave one in the comments.  And here’s haiku blog that I really like: The Haiku Diaries.

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