Pisco (Not Very) Sour

October 8, 2016

Pisco (Not Very) Sour


I haven’t had a Pisco Sour in years, and maybe only once, at that.  I’ve got a forgotten bottle of Pisco in the bar waiting to be used; it was a gift from my Dad and my Aunt-Mom (there’s a story) when they returned from a trek to Machu Pichu in Peru a few years ago.

There they are, all intrepid, on their Machu Pichu trip.  My little bottle of Pisco traveled a long way to get to me.

I was reminded of that bottle today at a birthday lunch for my still-young Aunt Mom when the waitress offered us $3 cocktails.  Pisco Sours were one of the selections, and I thought, “Why not?”

fullsizeoutput_3d.jpegIt was good!  I had only one, of course, and it was surprisingly not-sour.  The waitress claimed that the egg white smooths out the bite of the Pisco.  I think it was probably the simple syrup.  Anyway, it was a lovely drink and made me want to try it at home.

Here’s the recipe I found, in a nice and very short video that gives a little history about the drink.

And here’s the pisco entry in Wikipedia, which outlines some interesting questions as to the origin of the word pisco and dates the liquor back to the 16th century.  It hails from both Peru and Chile and was developed as a local alternative to the liquor that was being imported from Spain (an early version of “Buy Local!”)

I found a funny ad about pisco when I was researching it that I just have to share.


One day soon, I’m going to crack open that bottle of pisco and make up a drink, I think.  Stay tuned.

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