Santa Monica Pier Seagull’s Stories – Can You Help?

May 10, 2019

Santa Monica Pier Seagull’s Stories – Can You Help?


Sometimes I have a kernel of an idea based on an experience or an image, but no time to craft a thoughtful, interesting post. Time has been at a premium of late, but that’s because I’ve been blessed with so many interesting experiences, people and sights, like my time in February with two young jazz musicians in Los Angeles and its surroundings.

I almost always have time to create a quick haiku, though. (I think in haiku.) This is the genesis of some of the Glover Gardens short Instagram posts, like this one about a bird that let me photograph him on the Santa Monica Pier:

As you can see from Instagram, I asked for captions – because this intrepid seagull deserved to have a story – and promised to post the best one here. But then I got busy…you know how that goes. I also had a hard time choosing between the three captions that were contributed, so I’m just including all of them as I belatedly keep this promise. Maybe you can pick!

Santa Monica seagull squawking in the wind
The three captions:
1. “Mine, mine, mine!”
2. “Got any popcorn?”
3. “Hear ye, hear ye! This here’s my pier…see?!” 

What’s your favorite? Or do you have a caption to suggest? Here are a few more shots; I think he was posing for me!

And one more (very self-serving) question: do you follow Glover Gardens on Instagram? I wish you would!

Looking forward to your comments,

Kim of Glover Gardens

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