“Stay the Heck at Home” TCM Classic Film Festival 2020

March 27, 2020

“Stay the Heck at Home” TCM Classic Film Festival 2020


We were all set to go to the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood this year, until COVID-19 unleashed its fury upon the world.

Now, we follow the guidelines to self-isolate, wait and send waves of empathy and prayer for those who are ill, and feel intense gratitude for those who are working on the front lines – whether it’s in a hospital or at the grocery store.

We Were Anticipating the TCM Classic Film Festival Here at Glover Gardens

I had just kicked off a series that was going to run every couple of weeks until the festival began on April 16. Creating a series here in Glover Gardens is my way of ratcheting up the anticipation of a cherished upcoming event, and doing the research and writing helps me get prepared for maximum enjoyment. I also really like sharing these things with you, Dear Readers, because a.) you have great tips, and b.) you seem to enjoy them vicariously.

I was soooooo excited that we were finally going to Tinseltown to scratch our classic movie festival itch. You might have seen this first post on February 11.

COVID-19 Causes a Cancellation

COVID-19 was already here in the US when I made that post, though, and it soon became clear that the TCM Classic Film Festival would be cancelled.

It was.

TCM was fabulous about it, refunding all of the guest passes, with prime time host Ben Mankiewicz saying that once they understood that attending the festival would put fans at risk of contracting the virus, it was an easy decision to cancel.

A Special Home Edition

And now they’ve announced something in its place: the TCM Classic Film Festival Special Home Edition. What a perfect alternative for classic movie lovers during this era of isolation. (I stole that phrase, era of isolation, from one of my colleagues – it’s profound and poetic, don’t you think?)

Ben Mankiewicz says in the video below that the event is a “remote, stay the heck at home celebration of classic film festival movies,” that includes interviews and other special moments from the festival over the last decade.

Love That Spirit! We’re In!

What a great way to enjoy something delightful, in a virtual community of other film lovers. I’m grateful to TCM for finding an alternative, innovative and high-spirited way to go forward, stopping the coronovirus from killing the event altogether.

“We’re not doctors, we’re not nurses, we’re not scientists,” Mankiewicz said. “But for many of our fans there’s a comfort we provide and it’s not nothing. All we can do is take the thing that we do seriously. And I’m happy to do something that matters to people even in some small way.”

Ben Mankiewicz, in the New York Times story, TCM Is Bringing Its Classic Film Festival to Your Home

We’re in, Ben! Instead of being in Los Angeles from April 16 – 19, happily taking in all of the classic movies, we’ll be at home, happily taking in all of the classic movies.

An Awesome Schedule

The event schedule is awesome, with four full days of amazing classic movies that have been shown at previous festivals along with their introductions, terrific actor and director interviews, cast reunions, and tributes to movie legends, both living and dead. Click here for the full schedule.

We Will Enjoy It in Real Time

I don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep that weekend! But it’s ok, I had already put in for vacation, so I’ll just do cat-naps during the rare movies I don’t like: Deliverance, for instance. And The Creature from the Black Lagoon. The timing is good on those not-faves for sleeping through them – 10:00 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. But I’ll have to be awake by 5:00 a.m. for the interview with Kim Novak that was recorded at the 2012 festival. She was one of the reasons that “Kim” was a top baby name in the 1960s…you guessed it, that’s how I got my moniker.

My parents both loved Kim Novak; here she is with James Garner in Boys Night Out. (They loved him, too, but didn’t name my brother after him.)

I know we could record all of this stuff and watch it later, but that would defeat the purpose of it being a celebration and festival. We want to make the scene in real-time and join the TCM party live on Twitter and Facebook, too. Maybe we’ll “see” you there!

That’s All for Now

Stay home, stay safe, stay sane, and keep in touch.

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