The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook for Sandwich Wednesdays

October 1, 2022

The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook for Sandwich Wednesdays


You know how I love Wednesdays, Dear Readers. That’s because that hallowed day is not just Wednesday, but Sandwich Wednesday.

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The Grill-Meister is responsible for dinner on Wednesdays, and it is always a sandwich, always top-notch, and often a panini.

He has a handful of panini cookbooks, gifted by me with complete ulterior motives, of course. Every Wednesday, I get to peruse the cookbooks and make my request for the sandwich du jour.

You can see why I love Wednesdays, can’t you?

Something was Missing…

But something was missing, a nagging feeling that there were some recipes we had lost or misplaced, and it turns out that we were right.

…But We Found It

We went to Little House in the Rockies last week for a quick vacation with the YGs (Young Glovers, including our grandson, AKA GK#1) and voila! There on the cookbook shelf was this tome: The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook. A peek at my Amazon orders records reminds me that I purchased this cookbook back in 2013.

I had taken The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook on one of our trips a few years ago – because a Wednesday was involved, hello! – and forgotten to bring it home. And then COVID happened, and we didn’t get out to Colorado much.

So into my suitcase it went last week, and we brought it home to Glover Gardens.

It was a joyful reunion – this is a really good cookbook!

What was the Reunion Like, You Might Ask?

Well, we got home Tuesday night, and the Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook was pressed into service on the very next day – it was Wednesday! We had dog-eared the recipe on page 158: Greek Shrimp Panini with Pesto, Feta and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and it was THE ONE.

I didn’t get many pictures during assembly, but here are a couple as the sandwiches were almost ready for the panini maker.

And because we are always ready to dive into our dinners, I also didn’t have time to do a proper photo shoot for this terrific sandwich.

Fabulous as Leftovers!

But here’s the wonderful part: The Grill-Meister made extra sandwiches on Wednesday, and they were right there on hand for last night’s dinner. Because the bread was ciabatta rolls which are sturdy and crusty, the paninis held up really well and were just as delicious as they were on Wednesday, and not at all soggy. I took a little time to snap pics of one of them.

You’ll be hearing more about the recipes in this cookbook as we get reacquainted. 😊

Kathy Strahs has Written Several More Cookbooks

The author of this cookbook is Kathy Strahs (left), who has written several others. You can find them all here on Amazon. I only have the one so far …. hmmm, where’s my Christmas list?

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