2019 Foot Surgery, Round Deux

July 15, 2019

2019 Foot Surgery, Round Deux


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Foot surgery is a theme for this year. I had one some years ago (about 20) that needed redoing (2011), and that one went bad (slippery doctor). So I went back to my original doc, about an hour away, because I trust him. He said he could “fuse my toe” and it would all be well. I’d never wear heels again, never have any freedom of movement in my big toe, left foot.

Is there anything else we can try, I asked?

Well, we could do a “tightrope surgery”, but it’s only about 60% successful.

I’m in!!!

I couldn’t accept having my toe fused, with no flexibility for the rest of my long life (my grandmother is 99) without having tried the other option(s).

From the post in January about 2019 Foot Surgery Part One, Putting My Better Foot Forward

I’m sure, if you’ve read this far, you saw it coming. The tightrope surgery in January didn’t work. My bones were too soft or something. Ah, well.

But I’m not sorry! I never would have accepted the “fused big toe at a 5° angle” if I hadn’t tried the long shot. Would you???

So it was back to the trusted doc to fix my foot for good. And the lovely people at the hospital. They are really first class; read my earlier post to hear about how great they are. They were just the same this time – it sounds ridiculous, but having surgery there (Memorial Hermann Southwest in Houston) is a supremely pleasant experience. Really.

Just home, elevating the foot to reduce swelling
Fiona will help me heal
Covered in healing cats, Fiona and Godfrey putting their “hands” on me; my knee scooter at the ready

This story isn’t very interesting, but it’s my life right now, so of course I’m writing about it. The foot stuff, well, I’ll be on crutches and a knee scooter for 6+ weeks. The personal stuff, well, the Grill-Meister is an absolute gem of a man.

There was an appetizer tray, sporting Port Salud, Boursin, duck liver pate, Honeycrisp apples and water crackers – this ain’t no hospital food!
And a lovely panini for dinner, with fresh mozzarella, pesto and tomato
My favorite egg salad for lunch, on two different breads – because how can one choose???

I’ll try not to be boring about this foot thing over the next six weeks, dear readers, but thanks for coming along for the ride. It’s just another little step in this journey called life. And an interesting journey, it is.

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