A Bird Boat in My Future

January 3, 2020

A Bird Boat in My Future


I love birds!

They make me happy.

Landing gear

I love to take pictures of birds…although I have a lot to learn.

Seagull on a post

To facilitate this bird love, the Grill-Meister is giving me a birding boat for Christmas. Woohoo! We are headed out to the Houston Boat Show today to learn all about the options.

Houston Boat Show Logo

I’ve never been to a boat show, so I don’t know what to expect. And I’ve never had my own little boat, either! New year, new cool things to do!

I heard from one of you that there are bald eagles nesting in St. Louis Bay near Gumbo Cove (thank you for the tip!), so I’ll be headed out that direction once I get the hang of the new boat. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “A Bird Boat in My Future”

  • SOOO exciting! I’ve never understood how many residents have no boat when there are so many waterways to explore and different experiences each day! We jumped in our flatboat Day One and got lost many many times. Broke down many times, pre-cell. Now we could go to “the back” blindfolded…..yet it’s a new experience every day.

    Please post a pic of your new vehicle! Flatboats (or “johnboats”) with small electric start motor are best for exploring, especially in tidal waters and marsh areas….IMO. We put a canvas top on ours for the sun, comfy seats (aluminum bench seats get old). One day come by boat and pick up this old lady. We used to visit friends by boat on weekends, holidays. Spent July 4th on the Bay for fireworks, folks cooking on pontoons, the lighted boat parades, blessing of the fleet….so fun.
    I’ve rattled on long enough-the house is settling down post-Xmas. And finally catching my breath.
    And late winter/spring is best time for exploring.

    • I love your stories! And I can definitely learn from your experience. I will definitely post pics and stories as I get started. Your recommendations were very timely, as we were on our way to an Academy to look at jon boats after not seeing anything small enough at the boat show. We found a ten-footer on sale, the only size that I feel like I can handle if I go birdwatching alone. The Grill-Meister is busy finding the right motor, ordering seats (as you suggested) and we’re intrigued by your suggestion about the canvas top. Once I get the hang of it, I’d LOVE to take you for a spin. Thank you so much for being one of The Wonderfuls, the people I meet in this blog who really add to my knowledge and my life.

      • So glad to help-people here taught us so much, it’s now our way.
        Water cultures are deeply independent, but also always there to help a neighbor in distress. Resilient, a tad prickly, with huge hearts….you will be hooked on the rhythm and pace of your bayou soon enough. 25 years and I’m still in love.

        Happy New Year on Gumbo Cove!

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