August Evening in Aberdeen

September 12, 2019

August Evening in Aberdeen


When you love to travel and are in a faraway place, even the most mundane things can be magic. Like when there’s a chilling rain while you’re out walking, and there’s traffic, and you don’t have an umbrella – but you do have a camera. Even if the photo is blurry, you have the moment forever. It was a year ago, and yet it was yesterday.

Magic! I wish I was there right now, especially since we are in the super-hot dog days of late summer here in Southeast Texas. So here’s a haiku in tribute to Aberdeen and its cool summer weather:

wet pavement bright lights
chilly blue august nightfall
aberdeen beckons

2 thoughts on “August Evening in Aberdeen”

    • It’s definitely not just you, Khwahish. You’re right, those moments are authentic and real – and permanent, once they’re captured. I love looking back through trip photos later, sometimes more than a decade later, and having the sights, smells and feelings move into the forefront of my mind. Photo memories are wonderful. Thank you for your comment. I’m going to go check out your blog!

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