Birthday Haiku

September 12, 2016

Birthday Haiku


I love haiku.  I’ve blogged about that before.  And I’ve noticed that haiku can beget more haiku – post a haiku or two on Facebook, and a couple of friends may respond in haiku.  It’s magic!  On my birthday in 2011, I was awakened by a super-bright full moon, and posted this haiku on Facebook, which I called Full Moon on My Birthday.

Glowing silver orb
Says “All things are possible.”
Birthday card from God?

One of my friends, an English teacher, responded with a lovely haiku of her own.

a full moon bodes well.
reminds you that the sky’s not
empty after all.

Magic!  This year, another of my friends, also an English teacher, gifted me with a very meaningful and nuanced birthday haiku on Facebook.

Birds call out to you
The garden roots again now
Season of good change.


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