Boreas Pass: Postcard from Nature

July 24, 2021

Boreas Pass: Postcard from Nature


If you are ever in central Colorado in the summer, you MUST traverse over Boreas Pass. It’s a trip over the mountain between Breckenridge and Como. We first learned about it in the summer of 2013 after establishing Little House in the Rockies as our tiny vacation cabin.

Boreas Pass is wonderful.

It is scenic.

It is lovely.

It is unspoiled.

It is nature, calling to you in its wanton way:

Look at me! Look how beautiful I am! Don’t you just want to abandon everything and join me here?”

Sincerely, Nature

The drive from US285 at Como North to Breckenridge takes about 45 minutes, and then there’s the time for the umpteem stops you’ll want to make. It’s a winding road that hugs the mountains all the way, sometimes only one lane wide and often only a dirt road, but the views are worth the few times that you have to back up to let someone get past you.

Valleys anchor each end of this trek and mountain views are a constant companion. Along the way, there are birds, animals, babbling brooks, meandering streams and wildflowers galore.

But wait, there’s more!

You cross the Continental Divide as you go over the pass, and there are fun artifacts and restored structures along the way. As many times as we’ve made this trip in the 8 years we’ve been blessed with Little House in the Rockies, we never tire of visiting again. We’ve had many friends and family members join us, and people who visit on their own often send pics.

Our friends and family members go back to Boreas Pass when they visit, too, which makes me happy. 😊 Our Musical Millennial (AKA Thomas Wenglinski) was just there last week with his guitar-playing wizard friend Joel White, and took this panoramic photo.

I have a friend who’s going to Little House in the Rockies with his family this week, and just had to get this posted as the nudge for them to go there. 😊

Have fun with your lovely wife and adventurous son, my friend.

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