Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0: It’s Been A Minute, So Here Are The “After” Pictures (Finally!!!)

June 2, 2022

Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0: It’s Been A Minute, So Here Are The “After” Pictures (Finally!!!)


The Big Reveal!

The transformation of the kitchen and surrounding spaces was completed months ago, and I finally found time in this super-busy spring season to review, cull and assemble the pictures (after realizing that I’ll never get them perfect), and now I’m ready to share the results. Thank you for your patience, Dear Readers! You’ve been on this journey with us for quite a while.

Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0: Let’s Take a Tour

Glover Gardens Kitchen 1.0 and 2.0 Side-by-Side

I’m doing an encore on some of the pics, because The Grill-Meister requested a side-by-side before and after comparison format.

That’s All for Now

The Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0 series is winding down, with only a few more segments to go. I plan to feature our contractors once more as part of our ongoing thank you process, and there are a few more lessons learned from the whole experience to be shared.

I hope you like the pictures and that they were worth the wait. The kitchen remodel was certainly worth the 14-year wait for us. Everything is better!

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9 thoughts on “Glover Gardens Kitchen 2.0: It’s Been A Minute, So Here Are The “After” Pictures (Finally!!!)”

  • Spectacular transformation 🤩
    Cook, cocktail and party on Glovers🔪🍾

  • Major kitchen envy! The space and flow are amazing. ❤

    Tell the truth…how many times a day do you stand in the space and look in absolute wonder at everything? I know I would. 😍

    • You “get” me! I do stand in the space sometimes and just chill, or sit at the end of the island. It’s a very peaceful and calming. And it’s funny, I’ve had quite a bit of travel and running around since mid-March, and I find that I miss the kitchen when I’m gone. Is that weird?

    • Thank you! The bookshelf false-front drawers are my favorite part of the whole remodel. There’s something so satisfying about using space that used to be wasted – and using it in multiple ways. The old space under the stairs was so bad that we called it The Pit.

  • Awesome remodel. Congratulations!
    There is a reason on most parties quite some people gather in the kitchen even if the food is served somewhere else. I believe that’s because it’s closest to the heart and soul of a place and it’s easier to bond in such an environment.
    Enjoy this beautiful heart and soul of your home.

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