Great Article: Black History Month is for You, for Me, for Everyone

February 9, 2021

Great Article: Black History Month is for You, for Me, for Everyone


This article, Black History Month is for Everyone, #YesYou, arrived in my inbox today from the LinkedIn Learning blog, and I just love it. I’ve been thinking about the history of Black History Month, and my growing awareness of just how much Black history I don’t know, and how important it is to know and learn more (not just in February), and coming up short in trying to put together the right words for the Glover Gardens blog (so far).

Here’s a short snippet: “Black History Month is one of many opportunities for individuals and organizations to acknowledge the rich historical legacy of Black people. You should absolutely participate in this month’s events – yes, you – whether you identify as black or not, especially events hosted by your organization. Just as you’ve probably attended countless celebrations in honor of a promotion, birthday, or anniversary, you focus on the honorees rather than making the occasion about you.”

Whether you identify as Black or not, celebrate Black History Month by choosing to LEAD.

Excerpt from LinkedIn Learning blog post

Source: Black History Month is for Everyone, #YesYou

It’s a great article. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Great Article: Black History Month is for You, for Me, for Everyone”

  • Maybe the good professor should come here. She’d learn all she needs to know after hanging with Indians or walking a second line and watching us white allies.

    • I don’t know about her, but I certainly envy you your front row learning/ ally seat. I think you could teach a Black History Month course based on you journalistic viewpoint. It’s just one of the many things I admire you for.

      • Thank you. There’s two points. One, she seems to be a pretty good professor. I’d rather add to her knowledge by having her here. Two. Teaching during this month won’t work. I think you know why. As much as anything this month is about Black celebration. I couldn’t possibly help. The course might better fit into a journalism class. At Tulane, where they think about these things.

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