Haiku: My Poinsettia Reflections

December 12, 2020

Haiku: My Poinsettia Reflections


blurry memories
and poinsettia reflections:
ghosts of Christmas past

As much as holidays are a time for celebration, they also bring reminders of the past, lost joyful days with loved ones.

I’m the only one left now, but the memories of Christmas with my family are so very, very precious. I hold them dear and take them out to look at them often, trying to burnish and keep them from blurring with time.

But we also make new memories each year, that one day will fuel other poinsettia reflections, and perhaps a haiku or two from the next generation.

Wishing you a season of memory-making, even in this most unusual and quiet year.

Stay safe, my friends.

© 2020, Glover Gardens

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