Haiku: Sleety Celebration

January 18, 2018

Haiku: Sleety Celebration


If you’ve been following Glover Gardens this week, you know that it is really cold here.  Freaky cold. Snow and ice and sleet, oh my! It just makes you want to stay inside, drink hot chocolate by the fire and have comfort food for all your meals.  One day I said to the  Grill-Meister, “Wouldn’t tomato soup and grilled cheese be the perfect lunch today?”

Less than an hour later, I got this text and photo from my friend Nancy:

Channeling my inner Kim with grilled cheese with red onion, tomato, and fresh basil— along with tomato/basil soup!
A sleety celebration with jazz accompaniment!

Photo credit to my good friend Nancy

Can you believe it?! While I was daydreaming about the perfect cold-weather lunch, Nancy was making it, and chilling out (pun intended) with some jazz! The Grill-Meister and I laughed and laughed — and we would have crashed her sleety celebration if it wasn’t too dangerous to be on the roads.

Nancy and me at Bayona in New Orleans, a handful of years ago (on a warmer day!)

It’s probably obvious that Nancy and I go way back.  Waaaay back, to our days in the Old Sugar Land when we were semi-young moms of young sons, and getting together and talking helped us figure out the world and our places in it.  (Actually, getting together and talking still helps us figure out the world and our places in it.)  One of the many things Nancy and I enjoy together is making and eating wonderful food, and I’m not surprised she knew my perfect snowed-in meal. I celebrate our friendship in this haiku.

Haiku: Sleety Celebration

she’s channeling me
tomato soup and grilled cheese
comfort food friendship

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