Hershey, PA: How Sweet It Is

September 21, 2017

Hershey, PA: How Sweet It Is


I had an opportunity to attend a workshop recently in Hershey, PA, at The Hershey Company. Wow, I’ve gotta tell you, that whole town stays in character: super-sweet, squeaky clean and family-friendly. Hershey is Disney-esque and is truly “the town built on chocolate”. The street signs are shaped like chocolate kisses.


NY Times photo – street lights in Hershey, PA

I didn’t get many pictures because I was quite busy, but here are a few that will give you a feel for the place. There’s a hotel, a golf course, gardens, a zoo, Chocolate World, the Hershey Museum, a fabulous gift shop and lots more stuff to do in this small town that reeks of middle America wholesomeness. Reeks in a good way, that is…everything smells like chocolate. Really.




The Hotel Hershey is immaculate.


I would come back here and spend a little more time. It’s a very sweet place.


For more about Hershey and a plethora of pictures, visit this blog.

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