Highlights of Hispanic Innovation from the US Patents & Trademarks Office

October 2, 2022

Highlights of Hispanic Innovation from the US Patents & Trademarks Office


In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, the USPTO is recognizing some Hispanic Americans whose inventions contributed to the nation’s social and economic well-being.

Source: Hispanic Heritage and Inventions

Still celebrating and learning during Hispanic Heritage Month, I found this post from the US Patents and Trademarks Office with a selection of inventions by Hispanic innovators.

It’s a quick read, and really interesting!

The inventions range from biomedical to electronics to wine openers to polyolefins to food and plants and more. One of the most readily recognizable inventions from daily life is the Captcha process for accessing a secure site, to prove you’re a human.

It’s Personal

I feel a special connection to this article for several reasons:

  • It smashes stereotypes and highlights that the range of expertise for people with Hispanic heritage is very broad. I see the same thing in my family members who have Hispanic heritage, whose jobs range from IT and technology to nursing and social work to artist, to training and digital marketing to program specialist for the DMV, from school district superintendent and librarian to Dept of Justice analyst, just to name a few. Interestingly, there is one pretty common thread: public service.
  • I have the extreme privilege of supporting innovators in my job as part of our experts program and know, from watching and learning from them, what a long process it is to take a concept from idea to patent. Very long.

Upcoming Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar on October 12

In exploring the site, I found a free seminar about the 2022 Hispanic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program that looks really interesting. I plan to attend this as both a work and personal interest.

Here’s to Hispanic Heritage, innovation and diversity!

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