In the Moment with a Friend at the Bakery

March 18, 2016

In the Moment with a Friend at the Bakery


Now that I’ve had my rant about smartphones at the table, I’m ready to wax poetic about the marvelous time I had this morning with a cherished friend at a local bakery.  The food was great, the atmosphere was laid-back and welcoming, and the conversation swirled and flowed.

We sailed back and forth between remembering old times, solving the world’s problems, reinforcing each other’s strengths, and astonishing moments of self-awareness and clarity brought on by the complete acceptance you only get from very close friends or loved ones.

Our smartphones were not invited, except for my irresistible urge to photograph the food so I could share it with you, Dear Reader.

Jane and John Dough Breakfast
The Atlas breakfast sandwich at Jane and John Dough in Tomball, TX; click  here to find them on Facebook

A shared meal is all about the fellowship.  I left that mid-morning breakfast on this rare weekday off of work feeling both invigorated and thoughtful.  And full and happy, too.

What a great way to start a weekend.

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