It’s Not Just About the Food; It’s About the Connections

January 13, 2016

It’s Not Just About the Food; It’s About the Connections


Why write a blog?

Why publish recipes and pictures of culinary creations in my kitchen?  Aren’t there enough out there already?

Maybe there are enough blogs, enough recipes, and enough food-related sites and magazines for all the cooking that ever needs to be done.  But it’s not just about the cooking.  It’s about the sharing.  It’s about the connections.  Connections across geography.  Connections across cultures.  Connections across generations.  Connections between and among families and friends.  Gee whiz, I love connecting with people over food and memories and family history.

IMG_1368I’ve got a fresh example about connecting over food.  A couple of weeks ago, I shared our Christmas Day brunch experience with Scotch Eggs, in which the Grill-Meister hit a home run (click here).  A retired colleague and friend from my former company, a marvelous, smart, remarkable female engineer named Rosalyn, saw the social media version of my post on Facebook.  She commented:

My English mother used to make me these to take for lunch at school. I have not been inclined to make them for my family since I don’t like to deep fry. This baked recipe sounds wonderful. Thanks!

A little background:  Rosalyn was one of the only female engineers when I joined the company where we both worked for years (90’s to early 20-teens), and she was a terrific role model for me.  She did everything the guys did, broke into management and did a fantastic job running an international team of process optimization engineers, and still managed to really be there for her kids while they were growing up.  I wanted to be like her, and still do.

I haven’t seen Rosalyn since she retired and moved to the Northeast several years ago, but what a wonderful mental image she gave me!  I could see a young Rosalyn hurrying to school in England (probably walking through the snow and mist), looking forward to learning and then to her lunch of Scotch Eggs made and packed lovingly by her mom.

Fast-forward to last weekend – there was a new post from Rosalyn on Facebook about the Scotch Eggs, with a picture!

I invited my English mother over for lunch and served her Scotch Eggs made according to this recipe. They tasted very much like the treats she used to make me for my school “picnic lunches”, but without the hassle of deep frying. (I toned down the pepper a little for her benefit.)

Rosalyn Scotch Eggs
Rosalyn and her English mom recreating their taste memories together

That’s why I write this blog in my “spare time”.  The connections.  I feel like my team won the World Series because Rosalyn and her mom made the Scotch Eggs and connected with their own memories.  Click here to read the original post and download the recipe.

‘Nuff said.  Unless you have comments.  🙂

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