Jazz for Your Listening Pleasure: The Thomas Wenglinski Quintet at Monks

August 12, 2023

Jazz for Your Listening Pleasure: The Thomas Wenglinski Quintet at Monks


Two posts in one day!

Here’s why: I can’t resist sharing the recording of the Musical Millennial’s jazz gig from last Tuesday night at Monks Jazz in Austin, TX with you. And I can’t wait.

Here you go!

The Musical Millennial is my son, Thomas Wenglinski, who has just gone back to Miami after a summer of gigs in Houston and Austin for Year 2 of his 3-year doctoral program at the University of Miami, where he’s studying jazz studio arranging.

You’ll be quite familiar with all of this if you’ve been hanging around Glover Gardens for awhile (as his Mom, of course I am delighted to share his music). But for our new followers, if you want to catch up, you can check out past posts here. Better yet, check out Thomas’ music at any of the following:

It will be awhile before I can see Thomas play again, but what a wonderful memory I have from that night last week in Austin.

The room was sold out and full of jazz lovers who know how to listen respectfully and people who know and love Thomas.

My earlier post today was simply a picture, one of Thomas and me that was taken after that gig.

It was the 1000th post here in the Glover Gardens blog, and I got all inside my head about it as I was trying to plan it in my head: what should I say? Do I have reflections that I need to share? What’s a play on words that incorporates “1000” and hasn’t been used a million times?

And then I realized it would be much more profound (to me, at least), just to share a picture. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” after all. And the most-recent-most-wonderful picture I had was that one.

Thomas and I made a quick trip to Gumbo Cove in Bay St. Louis, MS, to spend a day together on his way back to Miami and break up his grueling 18-hour drive along interstate highways. He suggested the title for my 1000th post during lunch yesterday in Gulfport, MS, when I told him about how I was going all minimalist: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Posts”. Thomas also thought the picture of the two of us was the right one to use. (Such a good boy!)

Thanks for listening, in more ways than one.

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