Misto, a Kitchen Tool We Love for Paninis and More

July 28, 2020

Misto, a Kitchen Tool We Love for Paninis and More


This is a short post to share with you a tool that we love – an olive oil sprayer. This tool lets you spray olive oil evenly on food or cooking surfaces without big unwanted dollops or drips, and does a heck of a job coating bread for paninis. You see that panini in the cover photo…how it is beautifully cooked but not in the least bit oily? That’s why we love this tool.

I’m sure there are lots of brands, but the one we have is called a Misto, and it is available on Amazon, as well as directly from their web site at http://www.misto.com.

It’s great to have a non-aerosol sprayer that we can load with our extra virgin olive oil from the farmers’ market, and spray onto food or cooking surfaces knowing that it won’t taste like chemicals.

A Misto, or a tool like it, is a preferred panini tool.

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