Moonlight Citrus Harvest Haiku

January 7, 2017

Moonlight Citrus Harvest Haiku


Brrr!  It’s downright cold in Southeast Texas!  Twenty degrees Fahrenheit this morning after a shockingly warm Christmas with highs above 80.  The plants at Glover Gardens are very confused.

The Grill-Meister and I were planning to do dinner-and-a-movie last night, but the shiver factor made us reconsider and we brought the outing home.  I picked up a couple of ribeyes after work and the Grill-Meister “grilled” them inside using the cast iron skillet to start with a sear on each side, followed by a quick 450° turn in the oven.  Yum!

It was too cold even to barbecue – and for Texas, that’s saying something.

In the middle of the dinner prep, I realized that our 2nd-year citrus crop was at risk and did a quick Google about cold tolerance.  Whoops!  Our two Meyer lemons and 20+ oranges would be frozen lumps of pulp by morning if the forecasted low of 24° was correct.  Time to harvest, immediately!  (This decision was definitely validated this morning when we awoke to 20°.)  I left the Grill-Meister to his steak-searing, grabbed three flashlights, and charged into the back “40”, swaddled in warm clothing and ready to do what needed to be done.

A haiku popped into my head as I was harvesting in the bitterly cold moonlight.

Citrus adventure:
frigid nighttime harvest by
flashlight and moon-glow.

I propped flashlights in the herb garden among the mint and oregano to light the tree
The orange tree, in its second year, just before the moonlight harvest
The whole 2017 crop: 2 Meyer lemons, 27 orange oranges, and one green one

There will of course be some recipes posted in the near future with citrus as the star as we work our way through this bounty.  Life is good.

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