Natural Beauty

September 29, 2019

Natural Beauty


Doing a little DIY project at Glover Gardens today, it strikes me how beautiful natural things are. I’m calling this picture Still Life: Seashells with Shellac on a Paper Bag.

The seashells are some of my most prized possessions, because they came from my Mom’s huge collection. She was in her element at the beach. In the summers while we were growing up in Gilchrist, Texas along the Bolivar Peninsula, we went to the beach almost every day. Mom went shell-hunting at the beach almost every day, all year long. We learned the names of all the shells organically, as we found them, looking them up together in a reference book. Good times. Good memories.

Some of these shells still had sand in them as I selected them for my project today, but that doesn’t bother me. Those grains of sand are from my childhood. The shells aren’t colorful, rare, or fancy, but they are treasures, nonetheless.

It’s the little things.

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