The third post in a series about the New Orleans Jazz Festival covering food (restaurants and recipes), fun, music and travel tips.


Hello Friends! As I mentioned in NOLA Jazz Fest 17 Post #1, we’re all jazzed up about going back to the New Orleans Jazz Fest after a hiatus of a couple of years.

We’re revving up the anticipation by looking back at previous trips and the wonderfulness that is New Orleans.  Going to Jazz Fest isn’t just about what’s going on at the official festival held at the fairgrounds, it’s the overall New Orleans experience.  We have friends going with us on our 4-day trip who might only attend the festival on one day, but will leave fully saturated with New Orleans culture, cuisine and character.

The Big Easy is a Quirky Feast for the Eyes

Today’s reflection is just a quick reminder of how the Big Easy is a quirky feast for the eyes.  There’s dancing in the streets (literally), art of all kinds everywhere, an endearing, welcoming, celebratory mood, and a gentle good humor that is balanced by a kind of edginess, the feeling that anything might happen at any time.

The famous Blue Dog by George Rodrigue can be found all over the city (find a link to read more about him in Resources below)
“Bead Dog” sculptures were all over the city in 2012 to raise awareness about animal cruelty (more info in Resources below)
Street parties and dancing are everywhere
And music is everywhere
The gentle humor of this “We’re Closed” sign can be found all over the city

Be a New Orleanian

I can’t wait to bask in that atmosphere again in early May.  Ray Laskowitz, an amazing photographer in New Orleans, took this photo of a tuba with a sticker that puts it well:  Be a New Orleanian, wherever you are.  

Photo by Ray Laskowitz from his post, As They Say


Ohhh, the anticipation!  More posts are coming in the near future to celebrate food and music and fun.

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