Peace and Good Will to All

December 24, 2015

Peace and Good Will to All


It’s Christmas Eve, and at Glover Gardens we are celebrating already.  The kitchen is full of great smells as we prep for Christmas breakfast tomorrow, which will be Scotch Eggs and Sweet Potato Biscuits.  Yum!

But we know that many across the world will not be able to celebrate due to war and unrest, and we pray for them all as we thank God for our own blessings.

Peace DoveI’m reminded of the unofficial truce on Christmas Day during World War 1.  While the countries at war would not agree on a temporary truce before Christmas in December of 1914, the soldiers in the trenches took it upon themselves to stop their fighting and honor Christmas, and each other.  In doing so, they honored their humanity and provided an example for us all.

There was singing, and sharing, and soccer, and all-round good will.

Read about it here on the History Channel web site.  There’s also a short video.

I wish you all peace and joy in the spirit of the season, and pray that the magic that was created by those weary soldiers on Christmas in 1914 can be found again in our world a century later.





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