Pizza for Apres-Ski? Yes!

February 2, 2020

Pizza for Apres-Ski? Yes!


We’ve been on an “unplanned ski hiatus,” to quote the Grill-Meister, partly because 2019 was the year of two foot surgeries, partly because we’ve been super-busy and couldn’t fit skiing into our winter trips to Little House in the Rockies for the past few years.

But today, we got back into the swing, or should I say onto the lifts, at Monarch Mountain. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous drive from our little cabin toward the Collegiate Peaks.

We took the green runs…and the gondola, which didn’t have the safety bar you pull over your head…ay-eee! I held on TIGHT.

Mountain and Ski Runs

The Grill-Meister was ready to hit the slopes.

Just before our first run, we took a mountaintop selfie.

A little rusty but none the worse for wear, we enjoyed our return to the slopes and emerged with a fierce hunger. Time for the apres-ski meal! Lucky for us, Salida was close by, and Amica’s Pizza beckoned to us from the street.

I really like this picture because of the reflection of the walker in the window glass and the mountain looming at the end of the street.
Wouldn’t you pick this place?
Order at the bar
Waiting for our meal to come, I had food envy when I saw the plates arrive at the next table
Our meal: my salad and the Grill-Meister’s pizza – look at his hand poised to dive in after my photo activity is complete (a situation he often finds himself in)
I snagged a piece of the pizza – holy cow, it was great! A thin crust marvel…and the salad was good, too. ☺️

What a cool place! Pizza after skiing is a great choice! And it’s even better if you can find it in a mountain town like Salida, which has art galleries galore. Guess what we did after our meal?

All in all, it has been a wonderful day in a sunshiny winter wonderland that also has pizza and beer.

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