Sweet Potato Biscuits are Never Out of Style in This Family

April 9, 2023

Sweet Potato Biscuits are Never Out of Style in This Family


Happy Easter!

Brunch is On at My Cousin’s House

Our celebration today includes brunch at my cousin’s house. He and his family are a recent back-to-Texas transplant and we’re loving having them close to us after all these years. We enjoyed visiting them in Albuquerque and then in Washington, D.C., but close enough for a spur-of-the-moment Easter brunch invitation is much better. (That’s us with my cousins and niece who lives in DC below, last fall, when we spent a lovely 3 days with them sightseeing.)

We’re Bringing the Sweet Potato Biscuits

We don’t know exactly what’s on the menu at Easter brunch today, but we know it will be good (my cousins can cook!). Our contribution was The Grill-Meister’s idea: sweet potato biscuits. My grandmother, AKA Mema, made this biscuits famous in our family, and the tradition continues. The fact that The Grill-Meister was the one to think of it for today’s menu bears out the truth of a couple of the points in my ode to the sweet potato biscuit delivered right here in the blog a few years back:

  • People who come into our family, through marriage or friendship, become Sweet Potato Biscuit converts.  Without fail.
  • People who loathe sweet potatoes like these biscuits.  They are transcendent.

Check it out in the post below when you get time (after church and Easter egg hunting). You might need these little pillows of love on your next brunch menu.

Family Recipes are a Conduit for Shared Memories

It’s quite early in the morning as I write this, a time for peace and contemplation here at Glover Gardens. The sweet potatoes are roasting in the oven and their rich, earthy smell is permeating through the house. I know that when my hands are in the dough and I’m working toward that moment when “it looks right”, which was my grandmother’s level of precision for the recipe, that she and my Dad will be with me in the kitchen. Just as they will be when we all sit down and enjoy them together later. Family recipes are a conduit for shared memories and connects us to generations past and generations to come. I hope one day my tiny grandsons are reminiscing about “Birdie’s sweet potato biscuits” as they’re pulling together a holiday meal with their families and will endeavor to make that happen by teaching them the recipe, channeling Dad and Mema while we work the dough, “til it looks right”.

Maybe I Need to Make Some Extra for Later…

While I wouldn’t mess with the recipe for the biscuits – it’s perfect as-is – I do like to play with different ways to serve them. Today, I’m bringing some Grim Reaper Creamed Honey as a condiment to do a taste test with my nephew, who can handle it HOT.

After last Christmas’ batch of sweet potato goodness, we were at Gumbo Cove in Mississippi and I made little ham sandwiches with arugula, red onion and the rich, dark, smokiness of Salsa Macha, one of my favorite condiments from our Tomball Farmers’ Market.

That dockside lunch was so satisfying, especially with the side of plantains and chimichurri, which also came from our farmers’ market. I think I’ll make a double batch of the biscuits this morning and do something fun with the leftovers. (If there are any…)

What’s On Your Table Today?

What’s on your Easter table? Or if Easter isn’t a holiday for you, what’s on your Sunday plate?

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