Temecula, Here We Come!

June 7, 2017

Temecula, Here We Come!

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Been to California?  Yup.  Great state.

Where in California…San Francisco?  Yup.  Left my heart there; that foggy town is something else.  The art, the seafood, the restaurants, the walking, the public parks…

Outside art at the De Young Museum; isn’t it cool?

…Napa Valley? Yup.  Loved the wineries, and the Oxbow Public Market.


Photo courtesy of Food and Wine Magazine

…San Diego? Yup.  Got to tour the Navy Seal Base, which was amazing, and snagged a photo of the actual sign of their motto: “The only easy day was yesterday.” (I’m not sure it’s ok to share that photo.)

…Los Angeles? Yup.  Man, that city is BIG.  Overwhelming starts when you land at the airport, and continues as soon as you hit the freeways.  Great dining and entertainment scene, though.


…Malibu?  Yup.  Drove along Highway 1 to go see where the Rockford Files (TV show) was filmed; it was so cool to see the locale of the series we watched almost religiously every Friday night growing up, and in reruns long afterward.


What about Temecula? Say whaaaat?

I had never heard of Temecula before a wise man told us that it was the “wine country road less travelled”, as compared to Napa Valley.  Research revealed that Temecula sports several dozen wineries scattered tightly across beautiful, arid country with a quirky, fun culture and markedly less tourists (and thus less traffic) – let’s go!

We are.  Tomorrow morning.  Woohoo!

We’re meeting several other couples for the California version of the Grill-Meister’s “Wine for No Reason” series (more on that later).  One of the couples got started earlier in the week and texted these photos.  Anticipation!!!




Watch this space for more about Temecula and “Wine for No Reason”.

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