The 100 Club has a New Member: Happy Birthday, Grandma!

November 29, 2020

The 100 Club has a New Member: Happy Birthday, Grandma!


My grandmother is 100 today, a bona fide centenarian. Wow! That’s her below, little Ruth Violet Hiatt, second from the right, pictured with her brothers and sister in about 1926 / 27. Her notes in the photo album say that the picture was taken during a “special trip to town” to get a picture of the family. The clothes were all handmade by Grandma’s mother.

Rather then try to describe the woman who married Thomas Carlyle Holt and became our Grandma Ruth – how does one describe 100 years of a life??? – I’m hoping you’ll click on this previous post, which includes a poem I wrote for her on a previous milestone birthday. She’s viewed there from my lens, that of a grandchild now grown.

Here’s Grandma celebrating her 95th birthday.

The photo below is from just a couple of weeks ago, when I visited and brought her one of her own old photo albums. The stories she tells are marvelous. Her memories of the past are in sharp focus, illuminating our family’s history in a unique way. It is a blessing for me to hear Grandma’s stories, and I think she enjoys telling them.

And this photo is one of my favorites of both my Grandmother and my Mom, from 1941. I never saw it until I was given the treasure trove of family photo albums.

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma. I’m just one of many of your loved ones wishing you a special day, and if they celebrate earthly birthdays in heaven, I know quite a few others who are sending birthday wishes, too.

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