The Cadence of Steven and Rachel Harvell

September 28, 2020

The Cadence of Steven and Rachel Harvell


I have cousins in ministry, and this is a guest post from two of them, Steven and Rachel Harvell. They’ve just returned to the US from a post in Okinawa, Japan, working with Cadence International, to minister to the military families there. Now they’re back in the US, and the next stop is Travis Air Force Base. They’re seeking support for this move, and Steven explains in in their Facebook post, just before leaving Japan.

From Steven: Summary of How to Be on Team Harvell

“Rachel and I would love for you to be a part of Team Harvell. 
There are three ways to be part of the team:

  • Pray- We have a facebook page that we update weekly to every other week with current prayer requests. We also have a mailing list where we send out a quarterly letter with pictures and an update.  
  • Play- This is how you can actively be involved in the ministry. An example you coming to visit us and helping serve the military community there with us.
  • Pay- We are supported by believers that believe in the work we are doing to change lives of the military community. We need $4,000 more of monthly support before we start doing ministry at Travis Air Force Base. I would love for you to pray about supporting us monthly. We have some donors that give $15 a month and others that give over $100. Whatever God is calling you to give would be a blessing.”

From Steven: How to Donate Online

“To support us, you can just go to You will see a place to put the amount you would like to donate, and then press the red button that says “give”. Then it will take you to a page where you fill out your information. Also on the right side of the page you can chose between card or EFT. I recommend EFT. If you donate via card, 3% of your donation will go to the card company and not us. Also on the left there is a box to check for making it recurring. If you are desiring to do that.”

A Note from Glover Gardens

Steven and Rachel are earnest, authentic, fun-loving, filled with joy, and devoted to their cause of spreading the gospel to military families. They put the M in multicultural and have three beautiful and smart children.

Sharing their story here is just one small way we can support Steven and Rachel. (They’ve been supporting us with their prayers as long as they’ve been, well, Steven and Rachel.)

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